About Us

Life is something you experience…one moment to the next. Finger Lakes Food Tours | Tours In The Finger Lakes invites the most ardent of travelers to “COME SEE & EAT WITH US.” With so many things to see and do in this extraordinary area, we will explore the dynamic ranges of its unflawed design and natural beauty together. Covering a 9,000 square mile radius, this region consists of (14) counties and has a group of (11) long, narrow, north-south lakes, which reminded early map-makers of human fingers. Thus, the name Finger Lakes has been coined ever since.


The reality of bringing walking tours to the Finger Lakes area was an idea brought to fruition after vacationing in several cities up and down the east coast and getting to experience first-hand what a tremendous service walking tours/food tours provide. Our goal is to showcase our bioregion by raising the awareness of our farm to table movement, and revealing the countless things to see and do in the Finger Lakes. The verdant fields are a testament to the long history of agriculture and viticulture, as they remain a key part of our local economy. To learn about the history and culture of this area and “what” makes any one particular location tick, how can you beat that?

My region offers outstanding cultural and entertainment venues coupled with world class eateries. We look forward to sharing our region’s small towns and quaint neighborhoods as we uncover their uniques histories, sample their tasty dishes and learn just what makes them so appealing.

As a knowledgeable, experienced local guide and self-professed travel explorateur, Suzanne started Finger Lakes Food Tours in 2014 and went on to expand the company by offering unique one-of-a-kind tour experiences throughout the area. So, it’s with tremendous pride, all built on hundreds of years of living, working, and playing, we continue to value the beauty of this area by welcoming visitors and tourists alike, to either acquaint or reacquaint you with all there is to see and do in our region.

Let’s explore and make some memories together. Finger Lakes Food Tours has made the top 10% of attractions worldwide, a Travelers’ Choice Award Winner for 2020 and ranked: #1 of 12 Food & Drink in Canandaigua


Finger Lakes Food Tours | Tours In The Finger Lakes offers a variety of tours to choose from whether its: a walking food tour that is the perfect blend of showcasing our local chefs & proprietors, with some saying “the experience is exceptional”, or taking the time to explore a national wildlife refuge for those who have a thirst for knowledge and a love of nature. We also are pleased to offer custom, corporate or private tours upon request. AND of course our latest addition of audio tours which can be delivered to you any day of the week, at any time, whether visiting here in the Finger Lakes or right from the comfort of your own home.

“Traveling is not something you’re good at. It’s something you do, like breathing.” ~ Gayle Foreman