Finger Lakes Food Tours Now Offering Self-Guided GPS Audio Tours!

Since 2014, the dream of bringing walking tours to the Finger Lakes was an idea brought to fruition after vacationing in several cities up and down the east coast, getting to experience first-hand, just what a tremendous service these venues provide.

Our goal back then was to showcase our bioregion to raise an awareness of our farm to table movement, reveal the countless things to see and do in the Finger Lakes, and to present cultural and historical commentary relating to a remarkable locale.

Each and every season we strive to introduce something new for our out-of-state guests as well as our resident locals; attempting to keep our adventures fresh, not only for them, but for us too.

With this season being no different, we decided to partner with because of the many options of which to experience audio tours and modes of transportation in general. People are currently able to pick exactly what kind of tour they’d like to partake in, where ever available in cities around the world. Choices like walking, driving, boat/ferry, train or cycling tours you name it! All fun ways to see and learn about an area you would like to travel to…when the time is right.

Not wanting this new season to be any different we are very excited to introduce:

Self-Guided GPS Audio Tours

What is an Audio Tour?

  • A self-guided GPS guided audio tour is the newest and most complete way to take individual tours.
  • A meaningful, cost-effective, and fun way, to explore and enjoy a specific locale on your mobile device or desktop.
  • Always informational and entertaining they provide a distinct opportunity to get acquainted or reacquainted with a particular city’s rich history, and culture by using a recorded commentary.
  • Think of them as podcasts that move about as you do, all the while sharing particular stories of what you’re viewing.

What are the benefits of experiencing an audio tour?

  • Having an expertly planned itinerary yet with a flexibility built in to do what you want and when.
  • All the information comes to you on your smartphone or tablet via the free downloadable app. Once you start the tour it is not required that you look at your phone again.
  • A variety of locations from which to choose.
  • The ease of not having to look up directions.
  • Pausing then resuming narrations as you wish.
  • There are no roaming or data charges to pay.
  • Never worrying about keeping up with a group.

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