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Now Offering Self-Guided GPS Audio Tours!

A self-guided walking tour allows you the freedom to explore an area of interest at your own pace and on your timeframe. The downloaded app uses your location to play audio automatically, at just the right time and place, which means, you can put your phone away to listen to riveting stories and captivating events. Should you get off track without realizing, don’t worry this GPS app will be sure to help you self-correct and keep you right on track. When you start moving playback will too.

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In Person Tours

Up, Down & All Around Town

Food is an integral part of human life! “Come See & Eat With Us” on this adventurous journey you won’t soon forget. Prepare to experience and learn about our outstanding chefs and impressive proprietors as we sip, sample and savor our way through this quaint little town.

Making The Most Of Canandaigua, NY

Memories are incontestably made here in the Finger Lakes! And so it seemed only fitting to arrange an intimate chauffeur-driven tour for just (2) of all there is to see and ascertain when it comes to this gem of a city’s admired “spots” and attractions.

Canandaigua Uptown Walking Food Tour

Voted #1 of 12 Food & Drink in Canandaigua, NY by Trip Advisor, this leisurely walking food tour through historic uptown is the perfect way to sample exceptionally good offerings’ from area restaurants, specialty shops, and trendy hotspots. Some say…”The experience is exceptional!”

Montezuma National Wildlife Tour Adventure

If you have a love for nature coupled with a thirst for learning; The Montezuma National Wildlife Adventure Tour is the activity for you. A portion of your ticket purchase goes directly to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.

About Us

With so much to see and do in our region, Finger Lakes Food Tours | Tours In The Finger Lakes offers a variety of tours whether visitor or resident. As you get ready to Come See & Eat With Us, our leisurely, guided public and private food tours, are a great way to sample various food and drinks from area restaurants and specialty shops into one appetizing adventure. The Montezuma Tour will have you exploring a wildlife refuge should you have a thirst for learning or love of nature, while our self-guided audio tours allow you the flexibility to explore at your own speed and set your own schedule. Pick the tour that’s right for you and/or group setting.

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